APMT Gothenburg cuts off all paid union time for the local SDU chairman - retroactively

2016-11-21 At an early meeting on Monday morning, the management of APM Terminals Gothenburg told the chairman of the Swedish Dockworkers' Union Local 4, Peter Annerback, that the company has decided to cut off his payment for performing his union duties.

The company went on to say the decision was retroactive, enforced from the 4th of November. The SDU Local 4 is at this point still awaiting written corfimation of the company action to break the agreement concerning paid union time the previous APMT Gothenburg management initiated. The union will then decide on how to handle the issue.

APM Terminals Gothenburg also rejected the proposal that the SDU's international organisation the International Dockworkers' Council as well as the APM Terminals Headquarters would be introduced as mediators. Instead the company said it would agree to state mediators being introduced. That is an option that the SDU has previously regarded positively, and an initial contact with the Swedish National Mediation Office was made this afternoon.