The SDU's demands in the APM Terminals Gothenburg Dispute

2017-04-19 Six basic issues to re-establish a decent personnel policy

  • Guarantee trade union rights
    The SDU demands written guarantees that the company will grant trade unions the right to freely form its’ negotiating delegations and to continuously inform its’ members on current issues and developments. Company boycotts, dictates, interferences and sanctions must end.
  • Respect the jurisdiction and the right to our jobs
    The SDU demands an immediate stop to the company’s practice of sporadically delegating dockworkers’ or mooring crew’s tasks to manage reefers or secure ships to other parts of the workforce.
  • Honor standing agreements
    The SDU demands that dockworkers who were promised compensation for extra work hours during a period of changing work patterns be paid immediately.
  • Stop using sick or aging casual dockworkers as bargaining chips
    The SDU demands their 60-year old member immediately receives previously agreed upon retraining for less physically demanding tasks. All cynical counter-demands for collective ¨no strike”-clauses or concessions regarding terms and conditions must be dropped.
  • Re-establish systematic Health & Safety cooperation
    The SDU demands written guarantees of continued recognition of it's elected and trained H&S officers as well as their participation in all future risk assessments and accident enquiries involving blue-collar workers.
  • Acknowledge valid laws and contracts concerning vacation, parental leave, and time bank applications
    The SDU demands written guarantees that APMT will henceforth adhere to the time limits and rules in the Annual Leave Act, the Parental Leave Act, and the local time bank CBA. The stress and pressure inflicted on dockworker families due to delayed decisions and unlawful rejections this summer cannot be repeated.