APMT Gothenburg announces mass layoffs - mediation adjourned pending new developments

2017-06-22 Five weeks of lockout at Sweden's largest container terminal

Hamn4ans medlemsmöte 2017-06-21
SDU Local 4 Membership Assembly 2017-06-21

APM Terminals Gothenburg's lockout, barring several hundred members of the Swedish Dockworkers' Union (SDU) from working their evening and night shifts in the container terminal, has now lasted for five weeks. So far, the lockout (the most dramatic industrial action from a employer on the Swedish labour market in decades) has now shut down production for over 300 hours since the 19th of May.

APM Terminals Gothenburg held a staff meeting Tuesday morning. The company announced that it is going to lay off 160 employees. The lay-off notice includes some 150 dockworkers with permanent and fixed-term contracts as well as a smaller number of white-collars. APMT decalared that the SDU, which organizes some 85% of the dockworkers in the container terminal, will not be allowed to represent it's members at upcoming redundancy talks. At a press conference the same day, the company management said that redundacy negotiations with the minority union, STWU, would start next week.

The employer's announcement came less than 24 hours before the next round of mediation talks about the oingoing dispute was supposed to start on Wednesday. Mediation talks between the SDU and APM Terminals continued on Wednesday and Thursday. However, the discussions were adjourned before lunch today as news emerged that redundancy negotiations between APMT and the STWU had already commenced in Stockholm, Sweden's capital. The negotiations in Stockholm apparently include the list of affected employees, new work patterns and the use of casual dockworkers in the terminal. As this news changed circumstances surrounding the talks on a solution to the CBA issue, the mediators suggested a new meeting on Tuesday the 27th of June, awaiting the outcome of the negotiations between APMT and STWU.