Solidarity demonstration and international sympathy strikes - no information concerning the mass layoffs

2017-07-03 Still no news from ongoing redundancy talks between APMT and the minority union.

On Thursday the 29th of June, an independent support group organised a well-attended demonstration in central Gothenburg, voicing solidarity with the dockworkers at APM Terminals Gothenburg, who had then been locked out from their jobs for 6 weeks.

On the same day, affiliates of the International Dockworkers' Council (IDC) carried out a 2-hour work stoppage across Europe to protest the EC's port policies as well as Maersk/APMT's unionbusting at the container terminal in Gothenburg. The stoppage was part of an international week of pressure to push the company to seek a negotiated solution to the APMT Gothenburg Dispute.








At this point, there is no new information about APM Terminals recent announcement that the company will lay off 150 dockworkers in Gothenburg. The Swedish Dockworkers' Union (SDU), which organises some 85% of the dockworkers at the container terminal, is still barred from participating in the redundancy talks and currently lacks insight in the ongoing related negotiations between APMT and the minority union STWU.

The Swedish employer's association is currently promoting a public panel debate about the APMT Gothenburg Dispute later this week, that is supposed to answer the question "How can the parties reach a solution?". The event will include APM Terminal's CEO, the STWU and the employers organisation Ports of Sweden.
The Swedish Dockworkers' Union has not been invited to participate.